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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

I was the child who found encyclopedias to be real page-turners. I collected a lot of truth, but I didn't understand my own limits. In 2010, my margin evaporated, initiating a two-year depression. Escaping involved relearning who I am created to be, and motivates my teaching and writing today. For over 13 years, I have been married to a man who is my match. We are the parents and teachers of three children born in three years. My time is filled with the daily tasks of food, clothing, and general life-giving, but my head is filled with Story.

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(Blog) Recommend A Counselor

July 25th, 2013 | by Amy Jane Helmericks

A friend asked me yesterday if I could recommend a counselor. She said she’s had negative experiences in the past and, well, you know.

The last time I got this question, I urged the person ... read more »

(Blog) Going Cross-Eyed Staring at the Dragon

June 8th, 2013 | by Amy Jane Helmericks

A lot of people are (rightly) up in arms over the concept and practice of victim-blaming. Victim-blaming is when commentators (that would be anybody commenting on an event, around the water-cooler or in a courtroom) say ... read more »

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