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Melbourne, Australia

I'm a twenty-something Australian braving my first career steps after studying Sociology and International Studies at university. The last few years have been harder than I expected, but I'm trying to negotiate the ups, downs, and random jolts sideways in life with peace, joy, and hope. Often I don't succeed, but I think I'm learning along the way about what it takes to be more healthy and whole. When not pondering the bigger things of life, I enjoy coming up with creative (sometimes crazy) ministry ideas, eating chocolate, baking, and spending too much time (and money) in bookstores.


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(Blog) What’s Your Type?

October 23rd, 2013 | by Joanna Holman

What’s your type?

No, I don’t mean the type of person you’d like to date. I mean your personality type. If it isn’t something you’ve thought about lately (or ever), maybe you should take ... read more »

(Blog) Why Write About Falling Apart?

June 4th, 2013 | by Joanna Holman

Why write about mental and emotional health in general and about falling apart in particular? After all, these aren’t exactly hot topics in the blog world. Blog about theological or political controversy, and you’ll get ... read more »

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