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(Blog) Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

I enjoyed following along with Evita Gahagan’s dietary changes a few months ago. As she writes in her article When Your Body Falls Apart, a nutritionist diagnosed her with adrenal fatigue following several stressful years of life. Evita made massive changes to her lifestyle to get healthy again.

Evita is writing a more in-depth article about treating depression-like symptoms naturally for the next issue of Wyn, Getting Help.

The picture with this post shows cauliflower rice paella that she made, and the food in the picture with her article is plantain chips with other Mexican food.

She chronicled her food diary on Facebook, and I keep asking her to put those together into a blog series. If you’d like to hear more about how she treated adrenal fatigue and regained her physical strength and health, comment here, and maybe we can convince her to do a future Wyn feature!

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  • Amy Jane Helmericks

    Loved reading about your process Evita.
    Really loved your observation of the parallel first steps re: recognizing/naming the problem.

    Some people I know seem to think that the naming creates the problem (the “all in your head” accusation perpetuated), or shoves you into a box (“Why would you want to associate yourself with…?”) but I’m with you on the naming.

    If this thing is “standard” enough to have a name/recognized set of symptoms, it instantly becomes less-scary to me, because I’m not the first person in the world ever to have faced this!

    • Evita

      Totally! I really had a fear of the whole “naming” part. So much stigma in my mind that I had to get over. It was helpful to realize the double standard: something more mainstream medical = naming is fine = closer to solution/cure but something more mental-health related = naming is defeat/limiting/exaggerating = now you have no hope… It’s silly when I think about it directly, but sneaky to uproot in our minds sometimes…

  • Alanna

    I would love it!!!

  • Naomi

    Me too!!! It’s so scary when you body falls apart AFTER you get your mental health fixed and SO relieving (like tear-inducing) when you find out it’s fixable. I found out I had serious adrenal fatigue February 2012, and by September I felt like myself again and had lost 30 stress-related pounds. So interested to read about other people’s journeys with this.

  • Jenni P.

    I’m definitely interested to know what changes she made in the food area. What I’m doing to get physically better is not helping, and her conditions so closely mirror my own that I feel it almost must be the same thing.

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