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(Blog) Amy’s Article “Combating Depression” at Mental Health Month

Our Associate Editor, Amy Jane Helmericks, has a post about Combating Depression as part of the Mental Health Month at

For me, combating depression has been about my relationships as much as my biology. Especially my relationship with myself.

I know there are people who make it look like you have to pull away from your real life in order to “find yourself,” and those single-minded individuals can make folks like me suspect. But I honestly believe I’m as healthy as I am right now because of the digging and asking and finding and O-Kay-ing I’ve done about myself.

I used to say the reason women are so enamored with romance novels is because that pre-commitment exploration was the last time when they were allowed, even encouraged, many of them, to think for and of themselves. I don’t really know if that’s true about the novels, but it was my passive aggressive way of saying the way I’m living ain’t right, no matter how many right-things I’m doing.

What I had to learn, what I’m still trying to wrap my head around now, is that I. am. complete.

See the rest of her post Combating Depression at Devotional Diva.


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