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(Blog) Dear Friend, As You Attend AA

Dear Friend,

I am so proud of you for attending your first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting tonight to face your family member’s alcoholism. I know you feel scared about going. You are facing that fear, and you are awesome for doing that.

You may be feeling hesitant because subconsciously you know this will dig up pain from your past you’ve never dealt with. Maybe you’ve deliberately hidden that pain away from your waking thoughts. Now you’re about to rip open that box. Hesitation to do so is normal.

Create extra space in your life for a while. Make room for the emotions that will surface. You will probably grieve as you find and acknowledge losses and disappointments, and grief takes time. Leave time in your schedule to stand in the shower and cry, or go for an angry walk, or spend hours talking to make amends in relationships. For me, digging into old hurts sapped my energy for most activities and pursuits other than getting healthy.

Ask trusted friends to provide household and childcare support so that you can journal, think, cry, or sleep. Extra self care for the basics of life will help you focus on this new task of healing.

If going through AA stirs up more than it can help you process, get professional counseling from a licensed therapist as well. A professional listener can be an important asset in your healing process.

You are brave. I am proud of you. I am praying for you.



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