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(Blog) Forgiveness and Forget-Me-Nots

Forgiveness. Why is that word so heavy?

Perhaps because we have a wrong view of forgiveness. In my article Forgiveness Is Not Forgetting, I talk about the incorrect idea that forgiveness must involve forgetting the offense. Here I’m talking about another false perspective.

Many of us believe that forgiveness is accepting what has been done to us. We believe that when extending the pardon we are saying, “I am okay with how you treated me.”

This is not the case. Forgiveness is not encouraging a wrongdoing. It is not leaving ourselves open to being hurt in the same way again.

Giving forgiveness is not embracing naïvety. When we forgive, we have the choice to try to reconcile the relationship or to remove ourselves from the affiliation. We do not have to invest our trust in the person who hurt us again.

forgiveness and forget me not

When we forgive, we soothe an ache inside ourselves. We will not forget that we have fallen down, but the memory of the hurt dulls and fades.

We have the choice. The power of forgiveness rests in our hands. Why do we shy away from giving this gift, to not only ourselves, but also others? Will you choose burden or relief?

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