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(Blog) Resources for Healing from Birth Trauma

“Your memories of labor stay with you the rest of your life, including the full intensity of the attached emotions. In particular, you will remember whether you felt loved, supported, encouraged, cherished, or the reverse. That alone is a good reason to try to ensure that the memories will be positive ones.” -Henci Goer, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to A Better Birth (affiliate link)

resources for dealing with birth trauma wyn magazineAmy Wood Reisner discusses the basics of birth trauma in her article Dealing with Birth Trauma: You Are Not Alone. She shares stories from several women (and one man) relating their experiences dealing with PTSD, physical pain, depression, and anxiety after childbirth.

Thank you to the many families who opened up their stories. We plan to cover birth trauma more in depth in the future and hope to tell your tales as well.

I hope you’ll find these resources below a helpful start toward healing from birth trauma.

Momma Trauma Blog

Birth Without Fear

Birth Trauma Association UK

Postpartum Progress

Have you or a loved one ever experienced birth trauma? How did you begin the healing process?

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