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(Blog) Helping Your Partner Get Help

In Jen’s story, Surviving Your Partner’s Depression, she talks about her husband’s struggle with anxiety and depression and the impact that had on their whole family.

One frustration she had was not knowing how to assist him in getting the help he needed and realizing she couldn’t force him to start counseling or see a doctor.

Seeing our loved ones hurting is difficult. We’re going to do an article exploring this in more depth in the next issue, Getting Help. I’d love your suggestions on the topic: how can we help our family members and friends get help for emotional and mental health struggles while respecting their autonomy?

Photo by Andreas Krappweis via Stock.Xchng.

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  • Evita

    As a person who needed “help” I kinda wished my partner was aware enough to even entertain the thought “Maybe I can help her get the help she needs…”. This is a great topic!

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