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(Blog) Learning from Fiction

I am prone to “geeking out” or “fangirling” (I’d link to the Urban Dictionary definitions, but they are, as usual, crass). In other words, I can (and do) speak eloquently and enthusiastically on my favorite fictions. I mean, I named my youngest daughter in a made-up language. (For more examples of my geek cred, see my Pinterest board I’m SUCH a fangirl.)

hermioneMy monthly column for Wyn, Fangirl Therapy, is a look at emotional and mental health topics through the perspective of fictional characters and contexts. I think stories, especially those set in other worlds, give us enough distance from painful issues that we can see and understand them in a non-threatening way. It’s the same reason many children’s books have animal characters: it’s easier for kids to absorb lessons when they’re slightly removed from the characters learning them.

My first column, Harry Potter and the Nervous Breakdown, is about a framework for processing grief and loss that I learned from Goblet of Fire. What’s a lesson you’ve learned from reading a piece of fiction?

Photos: Featured image is me dressed as pregnant Tonks at the Deathly Hallows 2 premier with my friends Fleur Delacour and Minerva McGonagall. In-text image is me costumed as Hermione at my Deathly Hallows 1 party; photo by Gwyneth Colleen.

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is the Managing Editor of Wyn Magazine. She is an American expat in the Netherlands, a writer/reader/editor focused on helping women make better lives.

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