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(Blog) My Self Care Plan

In my article “Make A Self-Care Plan That’s Right for YOU,” I talk about some basic “buckets” or areas of our lives which we can fill with healthy decisions and activities. What we each put in our various buckets will vary widely, because we all have different needs.

Here is a template you can fill out for yourself.

When I am my healthiest self:

I eat: (what, when, how often, how much)

I sleep: (when is your best sleep/wake time? how many hours of sleep do you need? is napping your friend or not?)

I work out: (how often and how long is realistic for you to work out? what do you enjoy doing for fitness?)

I nurture my spirit:

I nurture my mind:

I rest:

I work:

I build my valued relationships by:

I get professional mental and emotional health help:

I would LOVE to read your prescription for your own unique self care! Would you share them with us to inspire each other?


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Becky Castle Miller

is the Managing Editor of Wyn Magazine. She is an American expat in the Netherlands, a writer/reader/editor focused on helping women make better lives.

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  • Becky Castle Miller

    Here’s mine:

    I eat: a high protein diet, pre-made salad with extra lettuce for lunch, and I drink tons of water

    I sleep: 8 to 9 hours a night

    I work out: short runs three times a week and weights or cross training at the gym after running a couple times a week. Training for a 15k in June.

    I nurture my spirit: by reading my Bible in fresh translations (that I’m not familiar with to make the words sound new) at lunch time three times a week and incorporating more conversations with God into my days.

    I nurture my mind: by taking two online marketing courses.

    I rest: by letting myself chill after I put the kids to bed. Instead of stressing about getting more work done, I do the dishes then read or watch a story.

    I work: on projects that fit my core skills (especially content creation and organization).

    I build my valued relationships by: online talks with long distance friends and trying to spend time one-on-one with new friendships I’m exploring here.

    I get professional mental and emotional health help: by getting back in touch with our marriage counselor long distance to schedule a checkup.

  • Nichole

    I think I misunderstood the third to last question and I couldn’t think of anything besides “yes” or “no” for the last one, but I think the rest is okay. “Writing” goes with resting.

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