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(Blog) What’s Your Type?

What’s your type?

No, I don’t mean the type of person you’d like to date. I mean your personality type. If it isn’t something you’ve thought about lately (or ever), maybe you should take the time to explore it.

In my article about the value of understanding personality differences, I explore how knowing whether you and the people around you are introverted or extraverted can empower healthy behavior and what can go wrong when we reject or ignore the differences between these natural preferences.

Some people think of personality assessments and types as little more than fancier versions of the pointless “What pop star/animal/fictional character are you most like?” quizzes often found in magazines. However, well constructed personality type schemes can be very useful in understanding yourself and other people.

Take a free Myers-Briggs test online

Take a free DISC test online

Take a free Ennegram test online

Take a free True Colors test online

What’s your favorite personality typing system? And what’s your type?

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