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(Blog) Why Use An Online Baby Journal?

Sick of staring at a blank baby book? Take your baby journal online.

In my article 5 Ways to Build Your Child’s Identity with A Baby Journal, I wrote about  the benefits to your child’s sense of self when you as a parent spend time recording family history in a journal or baby book. But this doesn’t have to be a paper record…an online baby journal could be a good fit for your family.

With an online baby journal, updating is easy. You can update anywhere, anytime you have Internet access. You also don’t have to be crafty to create one. Most online baby journals have professionally designed templates for you to work with.

With an online baby journal, you can use what you’ve got. There’s no need to purchase specialized supplies to create an online baby journal. Simply type in the information you want to record, add photos and videos, and you’re done.

With an online baby journal, you can also create a paper keepsake. Many online journals allow you to print a copy of your digital album. If you want a forever keepsake, simply order a professional printed album form your digital book. These make great gifts too!

With an online baby journal, sharing updates is easy. Forget having to update everyone who wants to keep tabs on your baby by phone or email. Simply share your online baby book with those you want to have access.

An online baby journal allows you to create a customized and personalized baby book without having to spend hours creating a handmade one. For busy parents, digital baby books can give them the best of both worlds.

(Disclosure: The author, Michelle LaRowe, is associated with online baby journal site Kidmondo.)

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