Published on June 4th, 2013 | by Joanna Holman


(Blog) Why Write About Falling Apart?

Why write about mental and emotional health in general and about falling apart in particular? After all, these aren’t exactly hot topics in the blog world. Blog about theological or political controversy, and you’ll get people keen to engage. Write about how to build your tribe/platform/following/the current word for people paying attention to you online, and you’ll draw fans. Write about when life falls apart? Not so much. It is often an awkward topic.

But it is the awkwardness that makes it worth writing about. Not because feeling awkward is a good or fun thing, but because I know there must be others out there feeling the same way I have. I hope that by putting out there my story of falling apart, I might help other people recognise a bit of their own story in it. I hope that it will lower the awkwardness for them a little, enough that they might be able to start telling some of their own story. They need not tell it to the internet, but I hope they will be able to tell it to a friend, pastor, mental health professional, or doctor so they can begin the journey of putting their lives back together.

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Joanna Holman

is a twenty-something Australian Christian who is passionate about Jesus, friendship, books, sociology, and chocolate (in that order).

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