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(Blog) Your Book Recommendations on Mental and Emotional Health

Joanna reviewed Therese Borchard’s book The Pocket Therapist: An Emotional Survival Guide in this issue. She said it’s a useful (and fun) book for moving toward and maintaining mental and emotional health.

What are your favorite books about mental illness, emotional issues, health, and recovery? Can you share a recommendation that might help someone else?

Which books have been a part of your journey of getting help?

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Becky Castle Miller

is the Managing Editor of Wyn Magazine. She is an American expat in the Netherlands, a writer/reader/editor focused on helping women make better lives.

  • Becky Castle Miller

    One of my favorites is Letters Never Sent. If you’re a third culture kid — you grew up in a culture not your own — you will probably find it as healing as I did.

  • Amy Jane Helmericks

    Oh! so many thought-provoking/eye-opening books!
    Here’s what I’ve got in front of me right now:

    Undoing Depression (O’Conner)
    The Instinct to Heal (Servan-Schreiber)
    Shadow Syndromes (Ratey and Johnson)
    Healing From Trauma (Cori)
    and winner of Least-favorite-title-but-still-worth-reading:
    The UltraMind Solution (Hyman)

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