Published on April 3rd, 2014 | by Becky Castle Miller

Letter from the Editor

Kids’ Mental and Emotional Health

My mental health struggles started when I was a teenager. I’m a parent of young children (7, 5, 2, and 4 months). I have a niece and nephews and other children in my life I care about. The deepest hurts of many of my friends began when they were kids.

The emotional and mental health of children is important to me.

The emotional and mental health of children should be important to all of us. I’m imagining a more stable mental health landscape in the future if we can do a better job now of identifying and treating mental disorders in kids, teaching children how to develop healthy emotions and minds, and protecting little ones from abuse and trauma.

In her book Troubled Minds, Amy Simpson quotes the National Institute of Mental Health:

Half of all lifetime cases begin by age 14; three quarters have begun by age 24 . . . For example, anxiety disorders often begin in late childhood, mood disorders in late adolescence, and substance abuse in the early 20s.

The April/May Issue of Wyn Magazine is going to talk about kids and their mental and emotional health. To keep my own sanity as I’m taking care of my four kids, I’m going to be publishing this new issue over two months instead of one—a couple of articles a week. If you subscribe to Wyn Magazine, you’ll get one email a month with all the stories together in one place.

The Wyn team will also be blogging more frequently. To get an email each time a new blog post goes up, sign up in the sidebar of the Wyn blog.

Thanks for reading and for caring about kids and their health.

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