Published on December 1st, 2013 | by Becky Castle Miller

Letter from the Editor


I hate people.

(That’s not really true, but all the clichéd phrases I could think of to open an issue about relationships were boring.)

What I mean is, relationships are tough.

Any time people come into contact with other people, there’s high potential for drama, misunderstandings, intentional and unintentional offenses, abuse, rejection… There’s also the potential for teamwork, connection, intimacy, redemption, and love.

So how do we get more of the second list and less of the first?

That’s what this issue of Wyn will explore: emotionally healthy relationships. Relationships with our parents, romantic partners, friends, social acquaintances, and even our therapists. How mental illness affects our relationships. How to make our relationships better.

Maybe even how to stop hating people. :)

Cover photos for this issue and article by Sanja Gjenero.

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