Published on July 1st, 2013 | by Becky Castle Miller


Letter from the Editor

Getting Help

Welcome to the second issue of Wyn Magazine. Our theme for this month is “Getting Help.”

When I fell apart, I had no idea that I needed help, much less what type of help I needed or how to get that help. My independence up to that point—trying to handle life on my own—had been a big part of what had caused my breakdown. When I couldn’t stop crying every day for months, I finally realized I couldn’t recuperate on my own, and I began reaching out for help.

I did all the things I knew to do:

  • I made myself vulnerable to friends, deepening my relationships and asking them for advice, support, and encouragement
  • I made healthier food choices and added supplements that could help me feel better
  • I deepened my spiritual practices, such as more focused time praying through a Bible-based liturgical prayer book
  • I spent time outdoors, exercising and getting natural Vitamin D from the sun

These action items helped, but the overwhelming feelings of exhaustion, sadness, and hopelessness didn’t let up. In fact, they continued to worsen.

Finally, I made an appointment with my midwife and forced myself to be honest with her about my symptoms, including suicidal thoughts. She helped me begin a months-long process of getting help: individual counseling for me, marriage counseling with my husband (my undiagnosed struggle had negatively affected our relationship), a proper diagnosis of clinical depression, regular appointments with a psychiatric nurse, and a variety of antidepressants until we found a medication and dosage that worked for me. During this time, I continued with my self-care regimen of healthy choices, reliable friends, and spiritual growth.

As the fog cleared and I became healthy enough to handle the hard emotional work of therapy, I wished that I had sought help more aggressively sooner.

Getting help is a multi-faceted process that can seem overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what exactly is wrong, and therefore have no idea how to even start seeking assistance. My hope for this issue of Wyn Magazine is that we can help de-mystify the process and the options for you, giving you hope that help is available for you.

Image from Bern Altman via Stock.Xchng. Cover image for this issue from Kym McLeod via Stock.Xchng.

About the Author

Becky Castle Miller

is the Managing Editor of Wyn Magazine. She is an American expat in the Netherlands, a writer/reader/editor focused on helping women make better lives.

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