Published on June 1st, 2013 | by Becky Castle Miller

Letter from the Editor

Falling Apart

Welcome to the first issue of Wyn Magazine, focused on providing resources and hope for women’s mental and emotional health.

Wyn has been a dream and collaboration project for over two years, and we’re so excited to finally begin sharing it with you. After Associate Editor Amy Jane Helmericks and I both struggled through different experiences with depression, we clicked on the idea of putting together the content we wish had been available to us. It’s been fun and fulfilling teamwork assembling the group of designers, photographers, writers, and mental health professionals to create great content for you.

Wyn is a monthly online magazine, with each month’s issue building around a different theme. The theme for our first issue is Falling Apart.

Though my knowledge of 80s music is dismal, our first theme keeps reminding me of a power ballad that came out the year I was two: “Once upon a time I was falling in love / Now I’m only falling apart / There’s nothing I can do / A total eclipse of the heart.” -Jim Steinman/Bonnie Tyler. I like the image of an eclipse of the heart, because to me, that’s what an emotional breakdown can feel like: my heart being shadowed or hidden by an ovewhelmingly massive object. The hopeful aspect is that an eclipse is only a temporary situation.

Our writers, gathered from Alaska to Australia, will be sharing their own stories of falling apart (to let you know you’re not alone, and that it does get better). We also have practical articles about healing and recovery (to help you get to that better place). In this issue, we’ll look at mental, emotional, and physical breakdowns caused by relationship failures, mental illness, physical exhaustion, and stress. You can follow our Falling Apart Pinterest board for a visual look at these ideas.

We’ll be publishing a new article every other day—see the Table of Contents for the stories in this issue. When you sign up for the Wyn Weekly (in the upper right corner of the site), we’ll send you one email each week with the latest stories and blog posts as well as other Wyn news.

Helping women make better lives is my passion, and especially after falling apart myself, I see emotional health as one of the first steps toward that better life. Whether you’re broken, breaking, or healed and helping others, Wyn is for you.

-Becky Castle Miller

Photo by Ashley Speights for Wyn Magazine.

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