November 2013


What are the pros and cons of a mental illness diagnosis?

When I got a diagnosis of clinical depression in 2010, I felt relief. And hope. I wasn’t weak, lazy, or going crazy…I had a diagnosable medical condition that could be treated.

Other people feel overwhelmed with a diagnosis. Or sentenced to a life-long burden. Or scared. Or accepting and determined. Some people don’t want a diagnosis at all.

Maybe you have a loved one dealing with a possible mental or emotional health struggle. Or maybe you’re struggling yourself.¬†Whether you have received a diagnosis of a mental illness, or are in the process of self-diagnosing and figuring out “what’s wrong with me?”, or are just beginning to take your mental health into account, I hope this issue on Diagnoses¬†will help you.

Photo from VCU Libraries

Cover photo for this issue by Richard Masoner

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