Published on October 15th, 2013 | by Becky Castle Miller

Letter from the Editor


“Conventionality is not morality,” says the introduction to Jane Eyre. That line stood out to me the most in my recent re-read, and I think it’s a solid summary of the book.

When it comes to Identity, “normal” isn’t necessarily right, or better.

Discovering her own unique identity through the course of the book, Jane bucks many of the conventions and normal behaviors of her time and culture while holding to her deepest values. She is a person with strong morals, and her differentiation from her peers reinforces her good morals rather than contradicting them.

This issue of Wyn is all about Identity, because understanding, accepting, and embracing who we are as individuals is important for our emotional health.

We have many measurements available to help us flesh out our concept of Identity: our interests, our talents and skills, our personalities, our values, our life choices.

I hope this issue of Wyn Magazine will help you figure out your own skin and feel more comfortable in it.

Cover image for this issue by Stephen Davies.

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